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logo kymeraIt all began in Karlsruhe, Germany in the winter of 1984, when the two brothers Bruno and Oscar Di Blasio (Di Blasio BrOs) met the brothers Bernd and Stefan Lüddemann (members of the famous german teen band “Hot Legs”), to form a new band called “Dragon”, (the band name was later changed to “Kymera”).
Almost immediately they started writing and rehearsing new songs.
A few weeks later, Bruno, Oscar, Bernd and Stefan began auditioning many singers of the local music scene and they found in Andi Deris (Helloween, ex Pink Cream 69) with his phenomenal voice the right singer for the band.
After playing many live concerts in the Karlsruhe area, they went to Edo Zanki’s Studio in Karlsdorf and to Arco Studio, München to record their first demo with producer Tony Monn.
Following songs were recorded: “I was made to be with you”, “Call me up”, “Woman”, “I hear the angels singing", "Ballade of glory” and “Rock your body down”. During the production of the demo, drummer Bodo Schopf (ex “Michael Schenker Group”), recorded some drum-parts.
Many major record companies and top producer Dieter Dierks of the “Scorpions” were interested in “Dragon”, however the band split up!

It was the year 1986, when Bruno & Oscar Di Blasio together with Andi Deris (who had just finished military service), met the Italian bass player Daniel De Niro;
Kymera was born! An old schoolfriend of Andi, Ralf Maurer alias “Ralph Mason” was recruited as the new drummer of the band.

Soon after, Kymera went to the Katapult-Tonstudio in Karlsruhe to record new songs for Francis, Day & Hunter GmbH Publishing- Hamburg.
Following songs were recorded: “Hello U.S.A.”, “Hot looking Romeo”, “Send me a letter” and rearranged versions of “I was made to be with you”, “Call me up” and “Woman”.
After a few concerts, the drummer Ralph Mason quit Kymera to go to University.
Mason was promptly replaced by the young talented drummer Kosta Zafiriou (Unisonic, ex Pink Cream 69) and the line-up of Kymera was complete again.
Soon, the band went to Studio in Mainz to record “Shadows are falling”, “Lonely would be loving you” and a new version of “Ballade of glory” and played many live dates in Germany till the end of 1986. In the beginning of 1987 Andi Deris and Kosta Zafiriou left Kymera to form the band Pink Cream 69.
Because of the amazing success of the Kymera demo tape and the excellent reviews of the national and international media, Bruno, Oscar and Daniel didn’t give up and replaced Andi Deris and Kosta Zafiriou with Michael Moretto as the new singer and Andrè Simon as the new drummer.
In the late autumn of 1988 Kymera recorded the debut EP “Animality” which was released in 1989. During the preparations of the following “Animality Tour” the drummer Andrè Simon died under tragic circumstances; a suitable replacement was found in Dominik Hülshorst (ex Bonfire). The “Animality” EP increased Kymeras’ degree of fame considerably and earned positive reviews from the European press. Countless interviews in England, Italy and Spain followed. The “Animality” tracks: “Eyes of Avatar” and “Born to rock” got into numerous reader-metal-charts and “Follow me” was the definite favourite of the radio DJ’s.
The “Animality Tour” of 1989 was also very succesful because of a well thought-out image and an electrifing live show with wild choreographic elements.

The last concert of the tour, in february 1990, was definitively the last live appearence of Kymera and it took place at the Music-Club “Garage” in Rastatt /Germany with Pink Cream 69!

What is Kymera?
“Kymera is an animal. It doesen’t exist anymore and some say it never existed. But there was a time when Kymera frightened the people, shocked and even killed them.
We don’t know whether Kymera was real or just the product of the ancient Greeks fantasy.
We just know that Kymera is back…”

Former Members of Dragon:
Bruno Di Blasio – guitars (1984-1986), Di Blasio BrOs
Oscar Di Blasio – guitars (1984-1986), Di Blasio BrOs
Andi Deris – lead vocals (1984-1986), Helloween, ex Pink Cream 69
Bernd Lüddemann – drums (1984-1985), ex Hot Legs
Stefan Lüddemann – bass (1984-1985), ex Hot Legs

Former Members of Kymera:
Bruno Di Blasio – guitars (1986-1990), Di Blasio BrOs
Oscar Di Blasio – guitars (1986-1990), Di Blasio BrOs
Andi Deris – lead vocals (1986-1987), Helloween, ex Pink Cream 69
Daniel De Niro – bass (1986-1990)
Ralph Mason – drums (1986)
Kosta Zafiriou – drums (1986-1987), Unisonic, ex Pink Cream 69
Michael Moretto – vocals (1987-1990)
Andrè Simon † – drums (1987-1989)
Dominik Hülshorst – drums (1989-1990), ex Bonfire

Discography of Kymera

Kymera Demos 1986-1987 (Francis, Day & Hunter GmbH - Hamburg):
“I was made to be with you” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Call me up” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Shadows are falling” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Lonely would be loving you” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Hello U.S.A” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Ballade of Glory” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Hot looking Romeo” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Woman” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“I hear the angels singing” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Send me a letter” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)
“Rock your body down” (B.Di Blasio/A.Deris)

kymera04 kymera 06

“Animality” EP 1989 (Rockwerk Records LC 8248)
“Eyes of Avatar” (B.Di Blasio/M.Moretto)
“Follow me” (B.Di Blasio/M.Moretto)
“Born to rock” (B.Di Blasio/M.Moretto)
“Hand in hand” (B.Di Blasio/M.Moretto)


Kymera Photo Gallery | Kymera Video Link

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